Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Scotland Spring!

I wanted to share some beautiful shots of the Scottish country that we took on our trip out to Huntly last weekend. These were all taken from a moving bus...

I loved the open fields and picturesque farm houses spread over the rolling hills.

They have several large windmill farms spread across the hills. Aberdeen draws much of its power from these windmills. They are HUGE, much larger than I expected. Up close they give a weird, sci-fi look to the fields.

We are still enjoying a beautiful (and wet) Scotland spring. Spring started in March with the beautiful eruption of daffodils everywhere, but I am amazed that some of the trees still hardly have leaves on them -- the tree outside our bedroom window is just beginning to show signs of life.

There has been at least one week of warm weather so far, but I am hoping summer is on its way soon. We have had beautiful sunny days, but the wind is always colder than you expect.

The yellow fields of rapeseed (the edible form of canola) are currently in bloom. Beautiful!
There are also prickly yellow blooms of grouse all over Aberdeen. I heard that people use to hang their clothing to dry on the grouse during the spring so their clothes would dry with the wonderful scent of these blooms.

And, of coarse, there are yellow Scotch Broom (known here as Broom or Common Broom) everywhere. The line the some of streets in Aberdeen. Out in the country, they line the fields.

Spring is beautiful in Scotland! When the sun shines (as it is known to do more frequently these days), everything looks so amazing!

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  1. Beautiful country side. reminds me of pictures of Ireland. The dafodils growning wild are just amazing. and here we pay for the bulbs to have a few in our yards. Aunt L


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