Wednesday, June 23, 2010

School Days!

Today was my day to visit Joshua's class for the first 45 minutes. It was so much fun to see him in this environment, interacting with his peers.

We started out inside for a few minutes while we waited for everyone to arrive. Rebekah and Joshua started some crafts to pass the time.

Then we headed out to the play area. There were so many things to do outside. Joshua rode the trikes, drove the cars and played with toy cars. It was nice to see how the kids interact; there was one little boy who filled up Joshua's gas tank and another little girl in a matching car who wanted to drive next to Joshua.

Then we headed over to the sandbox to build castles. When we started, it was just Joshua and I, but soon there were six little kids all making castles. They all cooperated so well together, looking for shells to decorate, sharing shovels and buckets, and encouraging each other in their creations. Wonderful!

We had a wonderful time together at Joshua's school. I am so thankful for this amazing class and terrific teachers.

There are a few more pictures of our day in the FB album: Joshua at School

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