Thursday, June 24, 2010

Read the Bible in 90 Days!

This summer I am excited to join an online challenge to read through the entire Bible in 90 days. Beginning on July 5, Amy over at Mom's Toolbox will be blogging through the Bible in 90 days.

Want to join me and help keep me accountable? Please prayerfully consider taking this challenge and committing the time necessary to read through the entire Bible.

Keep in mind that this amount of reading takes about an hour each day (plus or minus 15 minutes). Before starting, review your schedule and determine how to clear the time for reading. This will help you maintain your commitment to finish reading.

My plan is to split my reading into three separate times each day -- 30 minutes in the morning (before the kids get up), 15 minutes in the afternoon (during nap time) and 15 minutes in the evening before bed. This will also mean if I miss (or have to shorten) one session in any given day, I won't get too far behind.

The reading schedule listed on Mom's toolbox is based on reading 12 pages each day from the specific 90-days Bible. I am following that schedule, but reading to the end of the chapter, instead of stopping on a random verse.

Check out these resources at Mom's Toolbox:


  1. Christy!

    I think this is amazing! I will definitely help to hold you accountable. If I wasn't already taking this online class, I would love to join you. What a great adventure. I am so honored to be a friend to someone who commits this time to the word. Way to go! Look forward to hearing you post about it!


  2. Good for you! I can't imagine making it through the whole bible in 90 days. I read most of the bible in nearly a year (I was on pace to finish at the end of the year, then got pregnant and nauseous in November and never finished, this was back in 2004)--that was reading about 4 pages per day. Maybe this will inspire me to finish. You go girl!


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