Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Joshua's Parent-Teacher Conference

Last week I received Joshua's "Academic Report to Parent" for the 2009-2010 school year in preparation for the parent-teacher conferences this week. Joshua started Nursery (Preschool) in mid-February, 2010. It was nice to read about the growth they have seen in Joshua ... thought you might enjoy reading this, too! I have also included some pictures of his recent artwork.

Language and Literacy
  • Joshua is a very quiet and polite boy. He has made good progress this year, particularly in his growing ability to express himself and to talk in group situations. He is becoming able to express his needs, wishes and opinions to adults and children with increasing confidence. He can listen to others and take turns in talking.
  • He listens attentively at story time and can predict and retell simple stories and rhymes.
  • He loves choosing and looking at a variety of books in the story corner and can use books to find information that is interesting to him.
  • Joshua is aware of words in the environment and can recognize some sounds and letters. And he can recognize his own name.

Numeracy and Mathematics
  • Joshua confidently recites and recognizes numbers to 10.
  • Joshua enjoyed playing in the shop in the role play area and is aware of money and how it is used.
  • He demonstrates his ability to match and sort objects by color, size and type during play with small world toys such as vehicles and animals.
  • He is able to name colors and 2D shapes and can copy and create patterns using beads or blocks.
  • He enjoys experimenting with sand and water and shows understanding of mathematical and positional concepts such as full/empty, front/back during play.

Health and Wellbeing
  • Joshua's self esteem has increased and he is becoming more willing to interact with other children. He is independent and can remain focused on task until it is completed. We are encouraging him to ask for adult help when necessary. 
  • He likes baking and helping to prepare snack and is aware of the importance of a healthy and varied diet.
  • Joshua participates in physical activities, both indoors and outside. He runs, jumps, climbs and balances with competence. His ball skills are good and he particularly enjoys using a bat and ball and throwing and catching games.
  • We will continue to offer Joshua activities that will help develop his ability to use pencils and scissors effectively.

Additional comments
  • Joshua loves playing with small world toys such as cars, trains, and animals and dinosaurs and shows good imagination and expression during play.
  • He loves playing percussion instruments and singing and can remember tunes and words of songs.
  • This term we will encourage Joshua to continue to widen his circle of friends and to enjoy the social aspect of nursery.

My thoughts as his mother
Joshua has grown so much over these last four months at school. He loves going to school each day. His favorite activity is playing with the various cars and trucks and trains they have at school, but he is beginning to expand his interests.

He has started participating in "free craft" time, where they allow the kids freedom to create any craft project they want using any materials from the craft cart. This freedom has inspired Joshua to experiment with more materials and combinations than he does during structured art projects.

Joshua's love of music and singing has truly expanded recently. He loves to teach Abigail new songs that he learned at school. His face lights up when he is called on to request a song. It has also opened the door for him to share in front of the group -- he will gladly lead the class in his rendition of "Itsy, Bitsy Spider" or other favorite song.

What a great half-year this has been for him. We are excited to see all the new things he learns in the coming year!


  1. Hidden giftings beginning to surface deposited by both parents. What a wonder to behold.

  2. I love how well they know our children!! That sounds just like Joshua!

  3. Joshua's quite the artist!


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