Sunday, June 27, 2010

His Affection - Praying Wife, Chapter 5

When I first read this chapter years ago, I had not realized how much physical affection is a separate issue from sex in the physical life of a married couple. But it is not the same as the sexual relationship, and needs to be addressed as a serious aspect of a healthy marriage.

My husband and I both grew up in families that had healthy affection modeled for us, so this is not an area that we have struggled deeply with. However, we have found that there are times we become too busy or are so tired that we forget to show physical affection. Some days we just both realize that we need to hug more, or snuggle while we watch a movie, or hold hands during dinner. For me, there is nothing quite like being enfolded in my husbands arms to feel loved, secure and content with the world.

Stormie makes some interesting observations about affection and marriage. Many men view sex and affection as being the same. For most women, however, affection is their greatest need from their husbands. This issue is often further complicated by a woman's self-image and worth.

Let us pray
Here are some thoughts from Stormie's prayer to encourage you as you pray...
  • "Help us to demonstrate how much we care for and value each other."
  • "Change our habits of indifference or busyness. May we not take each other for granted..."
  • "Transform us and make us the husband and wife You called us to be."
Next up, Chapter 6: His Temptations. As wives, we need to pray continuously for our husbands as they face temptations everyday. Who else would our enemy work to trip up more than Godly men of faith? We will consider the various temptations that surround us each day, and how to pray specifically for victory.

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