Monday, June 28, 2010

Fyvie Castle

To continue our adventures from last weekend... After we left Tolquhon Castle, we headed north toward the coast. The plan was to spend the afternoon at the aquarium in Macduff. However, on the way, we decided to make a quick stop at Fyvie Castle only a mile or two off our route.

Fyvie is a beautiful castle, that feels more like a fairy tale castle more than the others we had seen. The approach was incredible. Down the long lane, line with trees, you could see the castle growing in the distance. Very impressive view!

The front of the castle is equally impressive. The front entry was definitely designed to impress any visitor with its splendor.

The kids were properly impressed with the castle as we walked from the side around to the front view.

Because this was a last minute addition to our trip, we had not looked up information on the castle and learned upon arrival that it was not open on Fridays (except in July and August). So we did not get to see the inside.

No one was really in the mood to tour the gardens on this visit. There was too much excitement about the upcoming aquarium. So we enjoyed the outside view of the castle, and the extensive lawns.

The kids have found the joy of laying in the lawn and playing (wrestling) with each other. They have also learned that if they smile, Daddy can't resist snapping some pictures.

Beautiful day! Beautiful castle! The sun was shining brightly, but the wind was still quite cold. There are additional Fyvie pictures at: Fyvie Castle - June 2010.

We enjoyed our quick tour of Fyvie, but were ready for our next destination. Come back for more...

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  1. Those are seriously great pictures! We haven't been there yet...and I do mean yet!


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