Monday, May 24, 2010

Sweet Doggy!

Joshua and Abigail were enjoying a beautiful day in the park. 
They were sitting peacefully in a field of blue bells ... until ...

What could have transformed those sweet smiles into such scowls? 
A friendly little dog wandered a little too close to the kids. 
Darren graciously didn't take pictures of the terrified look on their faces when the dog tried to lick their faces.
Joshua is not a fan of dogs...

Abigail was a little more curious, a little less concerned, but did not like the dog in her face.

Poor little doggy didn't get any attention from our kids. Is it too obvious that we are cat people?

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  1. I did notice Joshua shy away from a leashed dog today. Interesting. We have about 4 neighborhood cats that roam our yard from time to time. Your kids and mine can enjoy spotting them together!


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