Monday, May 3, 2010

The Power - Praying Wife, Introduction

In this introductory chapter, Stormie starts at the very beginning, talking about prayer and the role it plays in our lives and in the life of our marriage (we'll talk about this more in the next chapter). But here she really wants to emphasis the power found in prayer, God's power.

When we talk about praying for our husbands, different responses come to mind. Some think of how they want to change their spouse, some think of how strong and spiritual their spouse is and how little them seem to need prayer, and some struggle with the unfairness that maybe their husband doesn't pray for them more.

But I think we have to start with our view of marriage and our understanding of womanhood. I recently read an article that talked about a Biblical view of womanhood. It stated that a woman's redemptive calling is to be a life-giver. Stormie in this first chapter uses similar words, describing prayer as a gentle tool to give life. Isn't that a beautiful picture of the ministry God has given us for our husbands (and family and the world)?

We also have to take a hard look at what you truly believe about marriage. The Bible states that we become one with our husband (Matthew 19:5). If we consider that belief in our prayer life, praying for ourselves (for God's transformation, strength, etc) and not for our spouse is like praying for only half of our body.

This truth also works in the positive. On page 17, Stormie makes an incredible statement. "A wife's prayers for her husband have a far greater effect on him than anyone else's." She goes on to explain that the strength in a marriage is far great than two individuals, but that the Holy Spirit "unites them and gives added power to their prayers."

This book is written especially for the wife at the end of her rope, with a marriage in a desperate situation, in need of hope -- because this was Stormie's own path, where she learned to pray for her husband. While this may be her starting point, I think even those with a good marriage, who are not currently struggling, have much to learn about praying for our spouses and especially how to prayer can protect our marriages, that we never end up in that place of desperation.

I am looking forward to learning new truths about this powerful ministry I have toward my husband, and praying afresh for the man God has given me.
Hallee the Homemaker is hosting a study of this book, sharing her own testimony. Discussions about the questions from the study guide will take place over at her forum, Hallee's Daily Brew.
Next up, Chapter 1: His Wife. We will look at how to pray for (and surrender) ourselves as wives, so we can be open God's vision for our husbands.

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  1. I have yet to unpack my books but am encouraged to get back into this book especially now that I am actually married. This would be a great habit for me in the beginning as things are going very well and to keep them going very well. Thank you!


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