Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Nature Notebooks for Kids

As spring has blossomed all over Aberdeen, the kids and I are exploring nature and all the beauty around us. I was inspired by a notebook I saw online of nature pictures one family took of their walks (sorry, can't find the link), and decided to make little Nature Notebooks for my kids to display their discoveries.

I found these little composition notebooks at Staples. They were the perfect size at a great price (through I would have preferred something without lines).

I printed out these little covers and taped them to the front of the notebooks.

After the kids finished coloring, I covered them with contact paper to help them last a little longer.

Then we were ready for the real fun! We gathered leaves and flowers from our back garden and laid them out on the table to divide the spoils. I pulled out the glue and they started assembling their nature notebooks.

Joshua loves the leaves and greenery. He started with ivy and "sticky plants" 
(I haven't found their real name yet). 

Abigail was all about the flowers. She has azaleas, daisies, bluebells and several flowers I couldn't name (if I had better pictures, my mom could probably tell me what they were).

To add the finishing touches, I wrote a few quick notes about the plants and / or where we found them. After the glue dried, I covered the leaves and flowers with contact paper, again to make them hold up a little bit longer.

I love watching their wonder and excitement as we explore nature together. And these notebooks are the perfect motivation to pay a little more attention to the beauty all around us.


  1. yay! the notorious nature notebooks come to existence! (although, I think Joshua and Abigail never knew they weren't in existence lucky for you!) So creative Christy!

  2. Great idea, very creative!

  3. These are great!
    You are a natural teacher which is always lovely to see. Your children will get so much out of these activivites. Lots of knowledge and lots of happy childhood memories, too.

  4. I love this idea! I can't wait to do this kind of exploring and learning with Delaney.


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