Monday, May 10, 2010

Making Donuts

I found a donuts maker in the back cupboard of our flat and decided to find out it if worked. 

The kids were so excited - they love cooking. We mixed up a recipe I found in the box and made some mini-donuts.

This kids each took a turn shaking our hot donuts in a cinnamon-sugar mix.

But their favorite part was, of coarse, enjoying the sweets of their labors.

Cooking with kids can be a challenge, especially with their enthusiastic stirring and still-developing measuring skills, but they enjoy it so much. I love to find easy ways to include them in the kitchen. Any suggestions? How do you let your little ones learn and help in the kitchen?


  1. I don't have any suggestions. I just want a donut. :) You should have a giveaway.

  2. Yum! I didn't realize such a contraption existed.

  3. Mom says she's seen one of those. But Isn't that a Scottish Biscuit maker? Joshua,Save one for grandpa! Yum =)

  4. Invite us over next time!

    Suggestions for helpers in the kitchen- have the dry ingredients (or wet for that matter) already measured and let them pour. Let them help you crack the eggs. If you're making dough, give them some of their own (that you don't need) to roll out. This is what works for us!!


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