Monday, May 17, 2010

His Work - Praying Wife, Chapter 2

A man's work is often where he seeks fulfillment and happiness. While we as Christians ultimately find our fulfillment in God, we need a sense of purpose and success to the our daily efforts. It is good for a man to "enjoy the good of all his labor -- it is a gift of God." (Eccl 3:13)

Our husbands need our prayers and support to daily pursue God's purpose and plan for their lives. Some men never push for their dreams because of fear or laziness. Others are never satisfied and are always working for more, instead of enjoying what God has given them. Both extremes bring loss and disappointment.

As we pray for our husbands, we can pray for wisdom, that they would clearly see God's leading in their work, that they would be appreciated and encouraged where they are now, and that God would open doors of opportunity for them. Our prayers won't remove all trouble from our husbands' paths, but they can keep them out of many pitfalls.

I remember when I first started praying for my husband's work. I still have a list of four areas written at the end of this chapter that I was praying for:
  • Big Idea (from which God moved us on)
  • Writing (for which God is still opening doors)
  • Online work (that God has blessed immensely)
  • Future (which God is still revealing to us, but we see more clearly now)
I have seen God's hand guiding us through our prayers for his will to be done.

A few testimonies...
  • Darren needed some help in his online work. I was nervous about him involving someone too deeply in his ventures, but God brought the perfect partner into his life who complements Darren's skills. They have been working together for years now and enjoy a great friendship in addition to work.
  • We were not sure where God was leading my husband for long-term work. We were both in good jobs, but I knew my husband was a writer at heart and needed to get back into writing. Although God opened doors for a few writing opportunities, it was everything incredibly fell into place for Graduate school that we began to see more clearly where we were heading in the future. And here we are in Scotland while Darren works on his PhD (which is now what I am primarily praying about... oh, and still the future... we'd like a job when he's done).

Let us pray
Here are some ideas from Stomie's prayer in this chapter to think about as you pray for your husband's work.

Lord, I pray ...
  • Bless the work of my husband's hands (whether that be schooling or a full-time job)
  • May his work be established, secure, successful, satisfying and financially rewarding.
  • Give his a vision for the future
  • Open doors of opportunity that no man can shut
  • Let him be like a tree planted by your living water, bearing fruit and never withering. (Ps 1:3)
  • May he always be diligent and fervent (Rom 12:11)
  • Give him confidence in the gifts you have given him, that he would stand before kings (Prov 22:29)
  • Show me how to encourage him
Next up, Chapter 3: His Finances. We will look at how to pray for our finances -- for complete unity between you and your husband, for wisdom to understand God's view of finances.


    1. wow, i love this. wonderful post Christy! (and great testimonials too!)

    2. Great encouragement! Thanks Christy.

    3. Loved this book. It was very helpful to me when I read it a few years ago.

      I met you through the UBP last month.

      Just wanted to let you know about a giveaway over at my place this week for book lovers.


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