Friday, May 21, 2010

Best Buds??

I love stories of siblings that are best buds, enjoy playing together and totally adore each other. Well, that is not the case with my kiddos. Yes, they get along sometimes, but they spend most of their time together pushing buttons and fighting over toys. I spend much of my mothering time as referee.

It finally occurred to me that I should be praying about their relationship (I know... why does it seem that prayer is a last resort?). I am praying for wisdom, to understand how they relate to each other, to see what I can do as a parent to encourage their friendship, to view them as the developing people they are and respect their need for individuality as well.

This last month or so I have begun to see a few changes. Joshua is beginning to take pleasure in helping Abigail and showing her new things. This afternoon, Joshua was looking out the living room window, commenting on the cars down below. When Abigail expressed interest, he pulled another chair next to his so she could see out, too. Then he proceeded to point at various cars (specifically, Mini Coopers) ... "See that red one, it is a Mini Cooper ..."

And Abigail has begun missing Joshua when he goes to school. She has started requesting a goodbye hug every time he leaves. She always asks me if we when we are going to pick him up. Abigail is beginning to exhibit "younger sibling" adoration for her big brother. She loves everything he loves, and like to do things that make him happy.

They still spend too much of their time bugging each other, but some of that just goes with the territory. Learning how to navigate life with a sibling is one of the biggest lessons they get to learn at this age.

I will keep praying. And I will enjoy those little moments when they demonstrate how much they love each other ... believing that they will become the norm.


  1. i was JUST reading about praying for sibling relationships in the power of a praying parent. I am so proud of you for doing so- it is amazing what slips out of our mind to pray for! Thanks for posting!

  2. yay! that's great news! (and great pics of the two of them, too, by the way!)

  3. Good words, Christy. I always forget about prayer, too...

  4. Great pictures! You are always so aware. I love that Joshua pulled over a chair for his sister. Katie would have said, "Jason go get a chair and sit down next to me"


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