Tuesday, May 4, 2010

All about Abigail!

Sweet little Abigail is getting so big. She has grown so much in the last few months.

I interviewed her shortly after she turned two, but never posted the interview. I re-asked the questions a few days ago; some answers were the same, most were different. The first answer is from January, the second answer is from this week .

What is your favorite animal?
Dinosaur / Pink Stanley (her stuffed bunny)

What is your favorite toy?
some beads (necklaces) / Travis (the tractor from Bob the Builder)

What is your favorite food?
biscuits (i.e. cookies) / chicken

Why is Joshua the best big brother?
he helps me / we dot paint together

What is your favorite book?
This one (holding up "Five Little Monkeys Sitting in a Tree") / Going to Bed Book

Which video is your favorite?
Finding Nemo / Dave and the Giant Pickle

What is the best thing to do outside?
hang laundry / dig in the dirt

What do you want to do when you grow up?
Teacher / use a computer

If you could go on a trip anywhere, where would you go?
to the store / to the library

Abigail has be come a girly-girl. She loves all things girly. As you can see in the picture, Abigail loves to dress up. On this day, she has her butterfly wings, ballet tutu, tights, flowers in her hair and her purse.

She loves necklaces and has become so excited about putting pony tails or barrettes in her hair. She loves all-things princess (especially the Disney princesses) and ballerina (her favorite is Angelina Ballerina).

Our little girl has always been a talker. At 15 month our doctor said she was talking like a 2 year old. She continues to amaze me with her talking. Now she has gotten into nursery rhymes and like to use them in her play. The other day she was playing with little people and using the words to "Hey, diddle diddle" as part of the dialog between the characters. So funny!

Abigail has also rediscovered songs and music, as her brother started bringing home new songs from school. Some of these Scottish (or English) children's songs are so fun to sing and act out. Right now she likes "Sandy boy" and "Ba-ba Black sheep" (except she named the sheep Obo).

I think Abigail is going to take after her grandma's green thumb. She loves plants and will spend hours digging around in the back garden. I find her collections in her pockets of leaves, branches and flowers.

Abigail loves her big brother and wants to do anything Joshua is doing. Sometimes they play so wonderfully together and it makes my heart glad. I guess that has to carry me past the times they fight and just don't get along. Everyday when Joshua goes to school, she wants to walk him there and always says goodbye with a hug when Joshua enters the classroom. They can be so sweet!

She is a true two year old at heart. She loves to imitate Mommy and Daddy, whether shaving or cleaning or working on the computer. Role-play is a specialty of hers, especially vacuuming, doing dishes and cooking. And of coarse, she loves water -- stomping in puddles, washing her hands (and anything else she can fit in the bathroom sink) and pouring water anywhere she can.

As much as she loves being around people, she has begun to show a shy side to her personality and is going through a mommy-phase again, where she always wants me around. I need to learn to enjoy this before she becomes independent again and doesn't want me to hold her anymore.

Children grow so quickly. Sometimes I feel that I have missed some of Abigail's phases because of the craziness of life. I want to enjoy every moment as she grows, and cherish the joy of my children.


  1. i like that she said she wanted to use a computer when she grows up!

  2. I love these posts on the kids- well done, Christy! Your kids are very sweet and easy to be around. I love their sweet, soft voices and their eagerness to do things with us! My kids love them, too, and even Luke yells your name anytime he sees you or passes by your flat!

    I think those pics are just lovely of sweet Boo, I mean Abigail. ;)

  3. I like that you interviewed the kids. That's a great idea. I might copy you. (I'll give you credit though.) :)


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