Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Things I Love Thursday: Black Out Shades

I recently installed black out blinds in our kids room. They are wonderful! I ordered the easyblackout kit from Easy Blinds Online. They were easy to install and easy to use (just measure carefully and leave a little extra material on each side).

Just a few months ago, I was complaining about the darkness, with the sun rising at 8:30am and setting at 3:30pm. Now the sun is up by 6am and sets after 8pm, and it is only March. By summer solstice, the sun will be up by 4am and not set until 10pm. Crazy!

But I digress... These black out blinds have restored order to our mornings, and almost to our nights. Before I put them up, the kids went down with the sun and got up with the sun. This made for grouchy kids and grouchy mom.

Now, with the new shades, they are back to sleeping for 12 hours a night; though I think may help bedtimes if we move the entire bedtime routine into their darkened room to help their little bodies realize that it really is bedtime.

So, if your kiddos think they need to be up every time the sun is up, think about using some easy, velcro black out shades.

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  2. GREAT tip! We had to do the same type of thing when we moved from California to Alaska. I was only 5, but can remember my brother and I playing outside in the sunshine and my mom calling us to come in because it was 11 PM!!! Great tip for a drastic environment change. And yes, I'm with Stan - write a book on Site Seeing Scotland. I'll buy it and then I'll visit Scotland myself. =)

  3. What a neat product, I've not seen that before! We installed some blackout blinds in our kids' rooms not long ago and it does make a huge difference in keeping the rooms dark and the kids asleep.


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