Monday, April 26, 2010

Spring Flowers

Joshua has never been one to seek out crafts. At school, he is the last one to take a turn painting or doing other crafts. But last week I asked the kids what they wanted to do in the afternoon; Joshua prompt shouted, "Crafts." I remembered a post I had seen for spring flowers over at The Artful Parent and decided to try it (I had to recreate it from memory because I couldn't find the post quickly enough).

 First we colored some cut up egg cartons (see the original post for better pictures and explanation). I was not ready to pull out the paints, so we used dot paints. These will be the base of the flower.

Next we poked a hole and stuck a pipe cleaner through it. I happened to pick up some pipe cleaners on a whim at Poundland (like the Dollar Store) last time I was there. The pipe cleaners will serve as the stem.

 Using two squares of tissue paper for each flower, we put one end of the pipe cleaner through a hole in the tissue paper, then looped the pipe cleaner back through the egg carton.

A little bit of fluffing and crushing and re-fluffing and smashing and re-fluffing ... viola, we have spring flowers!

They add such color to our table, and the kids loved making them. 
Abigail has enjoyed pulling them out of the vase and carrying them around with her, too. 

Cheap, fun and easy! Who can beat that?!


  1. Joshua has such a great smile. I am impressed that you had all the supplies readily avaliable without planning; as well as remembering how to make everything off the top of your head.
    finally- I totally hear your Christy voice in the last line "who can beat that?!" I feel like I know you better when I can visualize you saying something. is that weird? Anyways, looks like fun!

  2. Wow, that is fantastic. Amazing you had the tissue paper, etc.

  3. You are always so creative. It is so cute to see the kids doing it together.
    MIss you!

  4. I love Abigail's pigtails! The craft is cute, too, but I had to comment on the little pigtails!

  5. Great idea. I just checked out the Artful Parent and she has some wonderful projects. Thanks for bringing another resource to me as I prepare for my wee one. :)


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