Saturday, April 17, 2010

Seaton Park

We live near this beautiful park, on the north side of Old Aberdeen. The park borders St. Macher's Cathedral, pictured here up on the hill.

The love this park and ask to go almost every day. It is a little bit of a walk, though, so I try to make it a special occasion or a "big deal" to go. Here the kids are trying out the weird see-saw that doesn't quite work with kids so small.

Abigail loves the "bouncy" animals that they seem to have at all their parks here. This elephant is a particular favorite.

But both kids really like the swings. This park only has two "baby" swings, and we often don't get a turn on them, but this particular day my kids dominated the swings. On nice days the park is very busy and we let the "babies" have the swings. (I love that the cathedral is in the background.)

Doesn't that look like a happy child? She giggles every time she rides the swings!

Joshua is much more "serious" about his swinging, and always wants "under-dogs". His favorite swing activity, however, is when Daddy stands in front of the swing and dramatically pretends to get hit by the swinging child. This makes Joshua laugh until he has tears running down his face.

They call this park the "Train Park", or more specifically the "Skarloey Train Park" because the big train at the park looks like Skarloey, one of the characters from Thomas the Tank Engine series (although, when we are at the park, he often calls the train "Lady" instead...).

This is a real train, converted to be a playground adventure. There are ladders going up and shoots (slides) going down, and lots of room to run around on the four cars being pulled by this bright red engine.

We have not yet explored the rest of the park, but we hear it is beautiful. They kids always get distracted by the playground, so we don't make it much further. The River Don runs through the park (I posted a few pictures of it in the album listed below), and there are beautiful fountains (that have not been turned on yet). The hillsides are covered with daffodils that are almost in full bloom. I think we better head back soon for some spring pictures.

Check out more pictures at: Seaton Park. Some are from last fall and I recently added a few from this spring.

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  1. I can't believe how nice it looks since being painted...really stands out in your pics!!!


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