Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Sunday

On Easter Sunday, we attended St. Macher Cathedral for worship. After church (and lunch and naps) we pulled out the Easter buckets for the kids. They were so excited!

Now both kids have their own bunnies -- Joshua's is white, Abigail's is pink. They are both named Stanley (after the bunny in one of their favorite books).

They also found new sticker books in their buckets. Joshua was so excited to put all the cars, planes, trucks, and boats into his new Thomas the Tank Engine sticker book.

Abigail quickly found the chocolate eggs at the bottom of her bucket.

They also got shovels and rakes. Joshua got a tool set and construction vest and Abigail got costume jewelery.

And of coarse, some plastic eggs filled with ... money. They were so excited to put all their new change into their piggy banks.

What a fun day of celebration!

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