Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

On Saturday, a few wonderful friends planned a big Easter egg hunt for the kids. The weather of too cold and rainy for the outdoor hunt on campus, but the hunt was moved inside successfully.

Joshua was so excited to collect eggs with his new Bob the Builder bucket.

Abigail had a wonderful purse to carry her findings. She was so cute wandering around with this very over-sized purse.

Joshua spotted a stray egg far under these chairs. He was a great little hunter.

Abigail loved opening all her eggs to find toys and candy. 
Here she is showing Daddy her prize of hard candy and stickers.

We dumped all Joshua's eggs onto the floor so he could put all the contents into his bucket.
Abigail did not think this was a good idea and refused to dump out her eggs. 

There was also a egg hunt for the guys. Inside the special golden eggs were prizes, like money and a book (not actually in the egg) and a huge chocolate egg (also not in the egg). Their eggs also included a theological quote. They had to match their quote to the author on this "wall of theologians."

The kids had a wonderful time. We even read through the resurrection story using "resurrection eggs."

What a wonderful day! Thank you, Rachel and Emily, for all your hard work planning this event.

There are more pictures from this fun day on Facebook: Easter Egg Hunt

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