Thursday, March 18, 2010

Waterfalls and Daffodils

As we moved inside the winter gardens (check out my previous post), we entered the main garden house. The first thing Joshua spots is the beautiful waterfall. Before we even took off our coats, we had to catch a picture of his excitement.

Darren and the kids enjoyed watching the running water. Observant Joshua asked about all the money in the bottom of the pond. He didn't care about the 'wishing', he just wanted to splash coins into the water. Mommy fished out a couple of tuppence (two pence coins) and a few pennies they could each throw into the pond.

Abigail loved wandering around the gardens. Every time I turned my head, she was running off in a new direction. While Daddy and Joshua enjoyed the water, Abigail and Mommy played chase down the paths.

On the other side of the garden, the waterfalls feeds into a larger pond that is full of goldfish. Joshua could have watched these fish all day. As he informed me, they were orange, and some were orange and black, some were white and black, and the all-black ones were hard to see...

Abigail eventually discovered the joy of watching fish swimming in the pond. A piece of moss fell into the pond and all the fish got excited and swam to the top for a look. Then she spotted Daddy with the camera on the other side of the pond and gave him a big smile.

As we left the ponds, the kids started paying more attention to the flowers. We were quietly observing some pretty yellow flowers when I glanced at Abigail's hand... We needed to remind her to be gentle. But, thankfully, the little flower was just fine and Abigail learned to brush her fingers lightly on the petals.

And, of coarse, who could miss all the glorious pipes and knobs running through the gardens. Joshua had to stop and look at these, asking so many questions about what they were for and how they worked.

The main gardens lead into the beautiful Tropical House. Come back soon to hear about our adventures with the fountain. Check out all the pictures from the day at Duthie Winter Gardens - March 2010

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