Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Things I Love Thursday: My Hand Blender

It seems a little crazy to say I love my hand blender, but this little kitchen tool has made my life easier and saved me money.

When we moved to Scotland last fall, I boxed up all my wonderful kitchen appliances and left them in storage until our return to the States. I moved into a pretty well furnished flat here, but were some big gaps in our kitchen. I had no blender and no mixer, and I really wanted to blend and mix.

When you add in our very tight budget here, something creative had to be done. That's when I spotted these little hand blenders. You can find them here for under £5. And they can do most anything. Today I made myself a banana smoothie and then I used it to blend the creamed winter veggie soup in the crock pot.

My cheap little blender doesn't have all the fancy attachments that would make it a true replacement for all the appliances I'm missing, but it does enough to get me by and was priced just right.

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  1. I totally agree- LOVE it and will always have one now. My theory is that they blend everything since there isn't a disposal- saves a step.

  2. C - I get this! I LOVED my UK hand mixer. E and I actually had a joke about various differences in household appliances in the US and UK... In the UK, they were either completely lousy (washing machine, vacuum cleaner, microwave) or they were AMAZING (hand mixer, hairdryer, electric kettle). I still miss my mixer - a friend adopted from me on our departure which made me feel better that someone else got to enjoy it for a while, too.

    Do you actually know Jill from the Diaper Diaries?! She's a friend of mine from Chicago...

  3. oI have one of these to and I LOVE it. I hardly ever use my normal blender, it's just too much hassle.

  4. we agree we have a hand blender as well and love it


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