Monday, March 22, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Last week our favorite new recipe was the Loosemeat Sandwiches (thanks Miss Mommy for the recipe). We used mince (ground) turkey instead of beef because it is a much better price. And I added a slice of cheddar cheese under the meat (so it would melt nicely) at my husband's request. This was very tasty and easy to make!

You may also remember that I was trying a Chinese Stir Fry recipe from a magazine. It didn't quite turn out as I hoped, but we did find a new sauce that I like and I have some recommendations that would make the recipe much better. I'll post about that as soon as I can.

Menu for this week:
  • Monday -- Crock Pot Rotisserie Style Chicken
  • Tuesday -- Hash-Brown Quiche
  • Wednesday -- Pasta and Red Sauce
  • Thursday -- Chicken and Mushroom Pie - from a magazine, to use the leftover roast chicken.
  • Friday -- Tortelloni with Prawns and Mushrooms
  • Saturday -- Jacket Potatoes with broccoli and cheese
  • Sunday -- Indian Curry (Korma)
Check out more menu plan's at Organizing Junkie.

Happy Monday!


  1. The Hash Brown quiche looks different. I think my fellows would go for that! The curry for me.
    Have a good week.

  2. I think the Hash Brown Quicke looks yummy! I like recipes that have a bit of wiggle room like that.

    The CP Rotisserie Chicken is one of our favs. I rub the a good dose of Poultry Seasoning inside and out and it turns out perfect every time :)

  3. I am interested in the crock pot chicken as well. Mmmm. Josh would love cheese on his loosemeat, too. :)

    Curious- what kind of prawns do you buy (fresh? Frozen? big? small?)

  4. Thanks for your reply, Contemplative Mum. ;) I love our friendship and am so happy to be in your life. :)

  5. I bought fresh this week because they were on sale. I normally get bigger, but shelled and veined. These ones were small, but worked well (we moved the prawn recipe to last night). =)


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