Thursday, March 11, 2010

Joshua's Painting

Joshua came home from school with paint on his trousers and shirt the other day (reminding me that I'm suppose to provide a cover-all for painting, but that is beside the point). I asked him about his painting. He was so excited to tell me about all the different colors he used while painting. Normally he becomes fixated with only one color, but recently he has become excited to about using a variety colors, making his pictures as colorful as he can.

His teacher commented that he so carefully made sure the entire paper was covered in paint.  And here is the result of all his hard work:

His picture is currently hanging in his classroom, displayed with all the other paintings. He was so proud of it that he wanted me to take a picture to show everyone! Isn't it beautiful!?!


  1. It is actually quite beautiful. I love that he's used every available spot to display color. Kinda like our God that way, huh? :) Way to go, big guy!

  2. I LOVE his paintings!!!!!!

  3. He did an awesome job! Not only that but he is to be praised for his diligence to work until the whole thing is covered.


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