Monday, March 8, 2010

I Love Play Dough

My kids recently discovered the joy of play dough. For Joshua this is really a rediscovery; he use to love play dough before we moved. Abigail, on the other hand, is learning how much fun this colored dough can be.

I picked up a bag of random bag of molds and cookie cutter shapes. At first the kids were not very interested, then we discovered that one of the shapes was a hedgehog -- one of their favorite books stars a hedgehog -- and the excitement began.

 One of their biggest pleasures is when mommy pulls out the 'big' rolling pin and lets them use it on their dough. It is so cute to watch them put their whole body into rolling the green dough so they can cut our different shapes.

It took quite a bit on convincing to get Joshua to look up from his play, even for a moment, so I could take a picture.

My favorite part about play dough time is the way the share and get along. I love hearing Joshua say things like, "Here, Abigail, I can help you open the lid." Something about their mutual love of play dough brings out the best in them!

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  1. Very sweet! Seeing your nice, new play dough reminds me how pitiful ours is it's in little crumbles that are a pain to clean up! I need to toss the old stuff and use newer stuff!


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