Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ferns and Bridges

The last indoor garden we visited on our trip to the winter gardens was the beautiful Fern House. This was, by far, the favorite greenhouse on our tour. The Fern House is filled with arched bridges over streams and pools. Joshua loved all the bridges and never tired of crossing them over and over.

Some of the pools were filled with huge carp, others had large animated (not-real) frogs that would poke their heads up and shoot water from their mouths. On the bridge above, the are watching the carp swim around. In the picture below, the animatronic frog has captured their attention.

Abigail enjoyed the freedom we allowed in the gardens. Doesn't she look like a little girl always on the go?

Joshua enjoyed the freedom to wander back and forth across the bridges. Neither kid stayed still for long.

The last green house was closed to the public for a wedding (actually we saw three different wedding groups while we were there for the afternoon). It was not quite time to leave for home, so we decided to let the kids run around in the deserted outdoor gardens. As you can see, the outdoor gardens are far from ready for spring. This rose garden was still completely dormant.

Abigail loved the height of these walls. She found that if she stood up on her tip toes, she could just peak over the wall at us.

Abigail's hiding and peaking launched us into a game of hide 'n seek. Mommy was counting, but Abigail was not quite understanding that she needed to hide.

But finally Joshua encouraged her to join him on the other side of the wall, hiding on the benches. They were so excited when I finally found them. Aren't kids so wonderful!?

Then Mommy and Abigail explored all the passageways in this English-style garden, while Daddy and Joshua played another game. Joshua would run to the other side of the garden and Daddy would choose a random bench to sit in. Joshua turn back and run to catch Daddy, all the while not really knowing which bench Daddy would choose. It was so funny to watch.

Joshua was laughing so hard he was crying. Darren has such a wonderful way with Joshua... He really understands Joshua's developing sense of humor and can make him laugh harder than anyone else.

Next we headed to the memorial garden where they have these beautiful reflecting pools.

Joshua was nervous about crossing the "incomplete" bridges...

But together they conqured the fear. Joshua was so pleased! Abigail decided this was no big deal and started across, only to immediately fall between the steps (luckily mommy had her had and she didn't get hurt or too wet). After that, she was a little more timid and a little more excited about making it all the way across.

We also visited the Japanese garden, but the camera batteries were completely done. The outdoor gardens still need a few months to wake up and proclaim their beauty. This gives us good incentive to visit in the summer months as well.

If you are even in Aberdeen, I would recommend a visit to the David Welch winter gardens at Duthie Park. Well worth the visit! We had a wonderful time and will be back again soon to watch the outdoor gardens awaken to spring.

You can see more pictures on Facebook at Duthie Winter Gardens - March 2010


  1. Those are great pictures! I wish we had something like that around us. :-(

  2. Great pics!!! I knew you'd love it!


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