Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Coloring Easter Eggs

Today at play group, Rachel hosted a Easter Egg Coloring party. The kids had great fun. Joshua and Abigail both came home with their names on their beautiful colored eggs.

One thing you may not know ... they don't have white chicken eggs in Scotland. The common chicken breeds here lay brown eggs. So Rachel went in search of white eggs to make our colors brighter. She found beautiful, white duck eggs.

Duck eggs are a little different than chicken eggs. The shells are much smoother and less porous. They don't soak in the dye in the same way. But our eggs turned out wonderfully.

Joshua, of coarse, was all about the tongs. He just wanted to removed the eggs from the bowls with the wonderful tongs. Although he did take a break long enough to color on an egg and dye it in both the blue and red bowls.

Abigail took a little more convincing. She watched closely as I colored a flower on my egg using a white crayon. Then I put my egg in the red bowl. Soon you could clearly see my white flower on the little pink egg.

Below you can see Joshua dropping an egg into the blue dye. Too bad his friend was not quite ready to dye her egg. We had to pull out the egg and dry it off so she could finish coloring it.

Abigail enjoyed playing with the small, foam eggs that she was coloring with markers.

Thanks, Rachel, for all your work to make this a fun time for the kids. I am so thankful to have creative friends who plan these wonderful times for my kids.


  1. Where did you buy the duck eggs? I would like to buy some soon to dye with my kids at home. Thanks! Rachel Lee

  2. The duck eggs came from Costco. One warning about using duck eggs ... they don't accept dye as easily and if they soak too long in the vinegar, the color starts to literally peel off. It may be a soft outer skin on the eggs dissolving in the vinegar. A little tricky!

  3. What a lovely compliment, thank you! You know me already with my secret obsession over kids events. I just love parties and I'm glad your cuties had fun. See you at the hunt :)


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