Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Snow at King's College

We spent some snow days at King's College over the holidays. Everything was so beautiful covered in snow.

This is King's College at the University of Aberdeen where Darren goes to school.

And this is King's Chapel. It has been a place of worship on campus for over 500 years. I love these old buildings. They will always be a symbol for me of our time here in Aberdeen.

This was how we checked our email while our internet connection was down for three weeks. We would sit outside the college (the buildings were all locked down for the holidays) and use their wireless. Darren and I would take turns playing with the kids and briefly checking email.

Joshua insisted on wearing Abigail's hat in the snow this day. Crazy guy!

And Abigail is wearing Joshua's blue hat. Silly girl!

Darren sitting on the frozen rock wall quickly typing a few emails before his fingers go numb.

The kids love to play at this sculpture, clearing snow off the figures and rubbing the copper with wet gloves to see it change colors.

What fun days we had in the snow!
And what a beautiful place to live!

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  1. Beautiful family and town!
    Happy birthday!
    Love and miss you!


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