Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Piggy Banks

Our kids received their first piggy banks for Abigail's birthday. These cute little piggies were for sale at the library and I had been considering them for a long time, but didn't purchase them in time for Christmas.

Abigail loves dropping coins into her bank. Her favorite seem to be the tuppence (two pence) coins, which are the largest coins here.

A few weeks ago Joshua found a 20p (pence) coin on the sidewalk. Now he loves these octagon-shaped coins. It is surprising how much money he has found on the street lately. His little piggy bank is getting quite heavy.

Neither of the kids has a very good understanding of money, but Joshua loves collecting and coins easily falls in his obsession realm.

Someday soon we will open up the banks and let them take their savings to the store. Maybe then they will see what money is for and how they can save to buy what they want.


  1. I love all your little stories of life in Scotland. The chicken story is the best. Reminds me of when Dwight was still in school at Biola and we were so young ....only 21. I tried food cutting costs then too and got leftover veggies from the LA main produce market. I tackled a rutabaga/apple winter receipe. No one told ME that rutabagas and turnips LOOK the same....but don't taste the same. At least a chicken IS a chicken. Unless of course...it is a DUCK. :-)

  2. You know I am diggin' those piggies.


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