Monday, February 1, 2010

Personal Goals for 2010

I know it is already February, but I wanted to post my goals for 2010.

Most of my goals for this year are to re-establish habits and disciplines in my life that have been sorely neglected in the stress of our transition to Scotland. Looking back, the move might have been less stressful if I had better maintained these habits, but in the chaos I let them go. 20/20 hind sight... maybe I will actually learn from this mistake.

So here are my goals for 2010:
  • intensely guard my daily time with God - I have allowed life to interrupt this quiet time too often lately. God is calling me back to quiet waters. I need to be vigilant about my time in his presence

  • regular health routine - This goal is really my catch-all for the numerous areas that contribute to my physical health and energy level. Exercising at least three times a week. Eating better. Sleeping better (as much as a mother with two little kids really can).

  • read 25 books - With kids, it has become increasingly difficult to set aside reading time, but this is an important way for me to feel like more than just a mother. Last year I only read 12 books (besides that myriad of children's books I read every day).
I hope to check in every month or two and post about any progress I make toward these goals.

Happy New Year!

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  1. Better late than never! Good luck on your goals, and good to see you back online again!


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