Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Making Shortbread

I decided it was time to explore the kitchen with the kids. It is actually a little easier to bake with small children, than it is to cook; seems a little safer ... not as much access to hot surfaces.

Our first baking project was shortbread biscuits, something we have all come to love since our move to Scotland. Did I mention that they have really good biscuits (cookies) here?

Joshua loves to roll the dough. It is a good thing that shortbread doesn't "toughen" with extra handling. He is getting pretty good with the rolling pin.

Abigail also took a turn at rolling, though it takes her a lot more work.

Doesn't she look so thrilled?! She loves to smile for the camera.

They both helped cut out cookies using the little orange cup you see there. We were sadly lacking cookie cutters, though I just picked some up on clearance at the store last week.

The cookies were not the best shortbread I have had, but it turned out pretty good for our first cooking attempt. What should we try next time?

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  1. Great pics. It is worth the hassle to have such a fun time with your littlies!


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