Sunday, February 14, 2010

Gingerbread Houses

One of our new friends here volunteered to make ginger bread houses with the kids during play group at Christmas time. What a wonderful idea! I would never have tried making ginger bread from scratch, not to mention making it into houses.

The kids loved it. Joshua was so excited to be able to roll his own dough. He must have rolled enough dough for at least three houses.

Abigail also wanted to try her hand at rolling, though she gave up a little sooner. It was still so fun!

She spent much of her time sampling the dough (very yummy) and watching Joshua hard at work.

Then came the decorating. Joshua was a little wary of the gooey frosting mix, but soon realized how fun this could be.

Abigail was thrilled with the frosting from the start and wanted to put all the candy on her house. She also did some sampling from the decoration dish.

The houses are done. Time to pose for a picture. Their friend is just about to start adding the decorative touches to her house.

This is Joshua's finished house. The people got broken on the way home, but mommy "glued" them back on with a little jam.

And here is Abigail's house. Abigail put her people safely on the sides so no one got hurt.

The kids loved having their houses on display on our mantle throughout the holiday season. However, after Christmas, daddy helped them smash the ginger bread and eat their hard work!

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