Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Abigail Turns 2-Years-Old

On January 5, my sweet little girl turned two years old. We had a little family party that evening to celebrate the special occasion.

We had no cake mix and no internet access to look up a recipe from scratch, so we made shortbread cookies instead. I poked some holes in a stack of cookies to hold the candles.

Abigail, like the curious two year old she is, reached out and touched the burning candle before I could stop her. She has been quite fearful of fire ever since. She wouldn't even help blow out her candles.

Abigail got a cute little purse for her birthday.
She loves it and carries it around with her, collecting all sorts of odd things in it.

She also got this fun scarf (thanks, Jenna) and a cute little piggy bank,
which she is filling with pennies and tuppence (two pence coins).

But her favorite gift was this wonderful butterfly / princess costume.

In the last few months, Abigail has become obsessed with princesses and girly things. It is so fun to have a little girl. I just need to get some more skirts and dresses - she would wear them everyday if she could.

Toward the end of January we had a birthday party for her with all our friends. There are three little girls who all have birthdays close together. We decided to have one big party for all of them together. It was so nice to share the load of planning a party. I imagine this would not work as well if the girls had been older, but at 2 and 3 it was great fun.

All the little girls dressed up as princesses for the party.
Abigail loved this sweet little Tinkerbell dress.

Their party hats were these cute, princess halos.

Rachel (on the left) did an incredible job decorating her house for the party. Her daughter was one of the birthday girls as well. She is an incredible artist. I am so inspired by her creativity. She completely decorated her dining room, including a beautiful wall mural that she painted just for the occasion.

The guys mostly hung out in the living room,
talking theology and eating yummy brunch food.

Fun times, great fellowship! We are so thankful for our new community here!
Happy Birthday, Abigail!

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  1. Rebecca Hall2/03/2010 10:28 PM

    Happy Birthday sweet beautiful princess Abigail. We love you. Be careful with fire.

    Great frog decor oh my that is awesome. Chris, I know that if you wanted to you have the creativity to do all that also. Love you all Love Aunt Becca


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