Monday, December 14, 2009

The Weekly Weatherly

Today's weather forecast in Aberdeen, Scotland:

Showers // Humidity: 89%

High: 6°C (42°F) // Low: 4°C (40°F)

Sunrise: 08:42 // Sunset: 15:25 (3:25 PM)


So, we have adjusted to the rain and gray for the most part, but I am completely thrown off by the darkness. Check out the sunrise and sunset times. Yes, we only have 6 hours and 43 minutes of light each day. And we still have another week before winter solstice, another week of losing daylight.

When I get up with the kids in the morning it is as dark as night, even when they sleep in until 8am. It doesn't start to get light until around 8:30am.

And by the time Abigail gets up from her afternoon nap around 3:30pm it is already too dark to do anything outside. We have to learn how to make better use of the mornings because it is our only time to go outside in the daylight.

The sun hangs so low in the southern sky all day. It never gets anywhere near over-head. If you go downtown at noon, the sun is still so low in the sky that it doesn't shine over the buildings. The main stretch of downtown doesn't see the sun for the entire winter.

I heard a rumor that everyone in Britain suffers from Vitamin D deficiency during the winter (not sure if that is true, but it is definitely believable).

But we can be thankful that it is not as cold here as it has been for most of our family and friends in the States. At least it is staying above freezing. The high humidity levels (at 89% for today) make it feel much colder than it really is. It also makes the wind stronger.

This next week we are suppose to get some snow or mixed rain and snow. I doubt that it will stick, but it will be fun to see for Christmas.

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  1. We also are trying to deal with the short days (although it sounds like Scotland has Northern Germany beat for most darkness) -- and have decided to ask for a Philips Wake Up Light for Christmas. It doesn't solve the problem in the afternoon, but it at least wakes your body up slowly with an ever-increasing amount of light (starting from half-an-hour to your set wake-up time) in the morning. So at least you're not jolted by an alarm in the darkness!

    Even so, the darkness is tough -- but there's always the LONG summer days to look forward to!


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