Sunday, December 20, 2009

Stroll After Dark

There is a beautiful Christmas tree lit up next to King's Chapel. The other afternoon (yes, around 4pm) the kids and I walked over to campus to enjoy the lights and get a little exercise.

The kids were excited by the big tree, but were disappointed that they were blocked from touching it. We were also sad that they didn't have the building lights on behind the tree. Darren said they are normally on every night when the tree is lit.

I took the opportunity to catch a few night shots of King's Chapel. The lighting is so pretty at night.

Darren joined us at the end of his study day to play with the kids and walk home with us.

This is the back of the chapel, from inside the courtyard and King's College.

It was a wonderful break from the usual afternoons spent inside after dark. I know the kids are looking forward to going to the big tree again this coming week.

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