Friday, December 18, 2009


During quite time this afternoon, Joshua and I were hanging out in the living room. Joshua suddenly exclaims, "Mommy, its snowing ... a lot." I looked outside to see the huge snow flakes falling from the clouds.

Joshua was so cute!
All afternoon he kept looking outside to let me know the status of the snow.

After an hour or so, the snow started to stick.
Here is a shot out the front window around 2pm.

Joshua was checking out the cars driving by leaving prints in the snow. There were a few cars that were piled high with snow. They must have driven from an area that had already received more snowfall.

Can you see the snow starting to stick in the grass across the way?

This was what it looked like out our front window by 4pm.
Mommy was not feeling well this afternoon, so we did not have a chance to go out and play.

It has stopped snowing now and a thick fog seems to have rolled in. The kids are really excited about playing in the snow tomorrow.

I hope it sticks around for another day or two. The weather forecast doesn't indicate that it will be around very long, but you never really know. Maybe we will have snow for Christmas!

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