Friday, December 18, 2009

I'm thirsty...

During the colder, winter months I find that I do not drink much water. I drink hot tea, coffee and cocoa, but very little water. I just do not have the same thirst in the winter, the same need to cool down. But am I truly not thirsty, or have I just hidden it with other things?

Now I am dehydrated and desperately need water, a lot of water. And it is going to take time for my body to recover...

There are times of thirst in my spiritual life, in the desert when I know I am thirsty and desperate for constant water, for constant refreshing by the living water. At those times I hunger and thirst, seek and knock, draw near...

But there are times when I don't recognize my thirst... just like in the cold of winter. Times like those I am in right now.

This last week has been a revelation for me. I am thirsty. I am dehydrated. I desperately need the living water ... to cleanse, to refresh, to fill, to overflow. I did not realize how much effort was being required of me, and how much it was using my "reserves." But now I am dry... And it is going to take time...

Yet, the very fact that I know this reflects on the faithfulness of God. He gently calls, gently draws, gently showers, gently leads me again to still waters.

Is God calling you to deeper waters?


  1. Deep and true and realistic thoughts. Our walk is often a road of highs and lows. You have expressed it so well.
    Sometimes I think we are fearful to drink too deep. It might cost us something. But the refreshing and renewal are worth it.
    Thanks for these thoughts and may the Lord fill your deepest longings as you seek him so earnestly.

  2. Hi I came across your blog...and read up a bit.

    I really loved this particular post.

    Will surely be visiting again one of these days.



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