Thursday, December 17, 2009

Daddy's School

Taking advantage of one of the sunny (but cold) weekends, we took a family walk to "Daddy's school" (technically, King's College at the University of Aberdeen).

Darren is standing in front of King's College. To the far left is the chapel, under the bell tower. Directly over the archway is the office of Darren's adviser, John Webster. On the second floor to the right is the Divinity Library.

This is a closer shot of the King's Chapel. We love strolling past here at peak wedding times. There are always beautiful Scottish weddings, complete with kilts and bagpipes.

While Mommy was busy taking pictures, Abigail was enjoying some "Daddy time." I caught this precious moment as they were deep in conversation.

Darren and the kids strolling through the archway next to the New Kings.

This building stands at the end of a long, narrow road that runs through campus. Traffic is diverted to the right and left of the building. It is called "The Old Town House."

We had a beautiful walk through campus. What a wonderful day!

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  1. Wow. Does John teleport from that office? Seriously - so cool! Cute picture of daddy and abigail! :-) Thanks for relaying these pictures to us. We miss you!


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