Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas stockings

When we were packing for Scotland back in July, I was not thinking about Christmas in a foreign country. We did not bring any Christmas decorations. But it has become very apparent that we need a few Christmas items, namely stockings.

A friend here was enthusiastic about making felt stockings this year. She is an incredible artist and her stockings are amazing.

I am very pleased with how our stocking turned out, though they are not quite as perfect as I imagined in my head. I just hung them tonight ... to surprise Joshua and Abigail in the morning.

Joshua is so excited about trains right now that his was a logical choice. It was a little more difficult to decide what Abigail should have on her stocking. I finally decided on butterflies.

Now we are ready for Christmas morning!

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  1. Love those stockings. Keep the excellent posts and pictures coming. Aunt Linda


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