Monday, November 2, 2009

"Second Names"

Joshua has become fascinated with Scottish words and item names. Once I tell him what they call an item here, I know that the next time I use the American term, he will be quick to correct me.

Here are some of his current favorites:
  • Pants are called trousers ('pants' actually refers to your underwear)

  • Diapers are called nappies.

  • Sweatshirts are jumpers.

  • 'Tennies' or sneakers are called trainers.

  • Cookies are called biscuits (and boy do they have good biscuits here)

  • Garbage is called rubbish (and he loves the rubbish trucks)

  • Strollers have several names that seem to have different connotations (push-chair, pram, buggy). Our stroller is most frequently referred to by our Scottish neighbors as a buggy.

Joshua frequently asks me about different items that he uses every day. "Mommy, does this have a second name?" That is how he asks if the Scots call it something different than we did in America.

We haven't completely embarrassed ourselves yet, but there have been several times that we struggled to understand or make ourselves understood (and not just because of accents). At least the kids are finding fun in this adventure of learning English all over again.

1 comment:

  1. Learn the "second names" well!
    When I was in Australia I embarrased myself once... I never thought I could turn so red!



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