Monday, November 23, 2009

Day at the Beach!

This weekend was suppose to be a little warmer than usual, so we planned a walk down to the beach on Saturday morning. It could not possibly been 50 degrees (as they had projected) and was extremely windy.

The Aberdeen beach is beautiful. Much less commercialized than we had recently experienced on the Jersey Shore. And not nearly as "combed" as the beaches in Washington that we visited this summer. There were wonderful shells to be found.

Abigail was so excited about the stick she found. All she wanted to do was dig in the sand.

Joshua also found a great stick for digging.

But his favorite activity was throwing rocks into the surf, while avoiding the waves. Here is daddy showing him how it is done.

The kids enjoyed the beach and our time outside, in spite of the wind.

After our time on the beach, I was freezing and wanted to get some warm food before we walked back home. I enjoyed the fish and chips, but by the time we left the restaurant the rain had started.

We bundled up the kids and put the rain cover over the stroller, but Darren and I were completely soaked by the time we arrived home. But I think it was completely worth it. We all had a wonderful day!

These pictures are courtesy of Darren's phone. I had forgotten to charge the camera before we went and it was dead when we got there.

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