Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Outside view of our flat

Now for a few pictures of the outside view of our new home in Scotland.

We live on the upper floor of this beautiful, 100-year-old house.

The red door is the entrance to our flat. Once inside, you immediately encounter a steep staircase leading to our flat.

Here is the view of our back garden (this is what they call yards), as seen from the kid's room.
And, yes, that is our laundry hanging on the line.

Here you can see the back of the house in this view from the back garden.
We share the garden with the downstairs neighbors, but we rarely encounter them.
They are both Engineering students at the University; one is from Greece, the other from Belgium.

And this is the view we enjoy from our living room window.
The field on the far side of the wall belongs to the University. We have the pleasure of watching practice most days - lacrosse, rugby, fut ball (soccer).

I have enjoyed watching these beautiful trees slowly change colors, revealing that fall is here.

Coming soon ... pictures of Aberdeen and the University!


  1. How beautiful. Love those Buildings
    Aunt L

  2. It's lovely! I love the stone fences. It's so nice that you're so close to the university.


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