Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Lost Art of Line Drying

Since moving to Scotland a month ago, I have begun to explore the lost art of line drying our laundry.

This change was not by choice, but is not entirely unwelcome; it's just that dryers are rare here, especially in rental property. Line drying is really our only choice.

I admit some trepidation about this new chore, but so far it has been fun for us.

The kids love hearing the washing machine in the morning because it means we are heading out to the garden after breakfast.

But now fall have come in full force and the rains have moved in. How do you dry your laundry when it is raining out?

As we learn the answer to this question and many others, I'll write some follow up posts. In the mean time, check out this great introduction to the lost art of line drying.

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  1. I love using my clothesline in the summertime. I've heard of people "freeze-drying" their clothes in the olden days, but don't know how that works. I have used indoor-drying racks before. They're slower and you can't fit as many clothes, but they would work for rainy days.


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