Saturday, October 31, 2009


Since moving to Scotland a month ago, I have begun to learn how to line dry our laundry. Dryers are rare here, so line drying is really our only choice.

The kids love hearing the washing machine in the morning because it means we are heading out to the garden after breakfast to play while mom hangs the laundry.

This is a hard time of year to learn how to line dry clothing, with autumn rains arriving and winter cold on its way.

So how do I dry my clothes when it is raining and cold?

As you might have guessed ... dry them inside.

We have these great racks that fit one small load of laundry. Our prime drying spot is the living room, so most days of the week, our home is strewn with laundry.

Our flat, along with most housing in Scotland, is heated by radiators.

They have great racks that fit directly onto radiators for the very purpose of drying clothes on rainy days.

I reserve this prime drying space for the harder-to-dry items, like jeans and thick pajamas.

After an hour or two, I flip the pants over to dry the other side.

Another fancy trick I discovered for larger items, like bed sheets, is to hang them between two dining room chairs.

I was pleasantly surprised that this sheet was dry in only a few hours (and it was a fun "hiding place" for the kids while it dried).

Stay tuned for tips and more information about my journey into the realm of line drying.

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