Monday, October 12, 2009

Cousins at the Zoo

Back in August, our kids spent a crazy day at the zoo with their cousins.

Poor little Sammy (seen below) fell and bit his tongue.
He had to spend the day at the nurse's station.

Charlie is my newest nephew. He is the sweetest little guy, so easy-going.

Joshua thought Daddy was taking too long to get to the next exhibit.

We saw the most incredible display of rough-housing by these thousand-pound, Polar bears. They were right against the glass in front of us. It was amazing!

The kids were completely transfixed by the bear "fight."

We also got to see the little owl from the show up close and personal.

We had a fun day, though it didn't go exactly as planned.
The kids spent the entire evening talking about the elephants (sorry, no pictures; the camera batteries died).

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