Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Favorite Foods

We have lived in several different parts of the country over the last 10 years of our marriage. As we sat down to lunch this afternoon at a small Teriyaki restaurant, I realized that we have discovered a few favorite foods in each place where we moved.

My husband and I both grew up in the Pacific Northwest. Here is a Teriyaki place in almost any strip mall you encounter. (They also have the best Thai food restaurants we have ever encountered, but that is for another post).

When we moved to Chicago, we discovered another favorite food ... gyros. We have tried gyros in other places around the country, but they have never been as good as those first gyros we tried in Chicago.

Next we moved to the beautiful southern city, Nashville, Tennessee. In the south we found the best barbecue ever. Whenever we were downtown we loved to visit Jack's Bar-B-Que. South of Nashville in Franklin where we lived, we had little take-out place down the road from us that had great food (it looked like a little trailer with a drive up window). We also often at at Famous Dave's because it was so close to home (and I love their beef brisket).

New Jersey is not really known for it's food, and I must admit that I can't think of any food that we really discovered there. However, Philadelphia was only an hour drive away and we did enjoy the best Philly Cheese Steaks at Tony Luke's (home of the original Philly cheese steak sandwiches).

I wondered today at lunch, as I thoroughly enjoyed my teriyaki chicken, what kinds of food we will discover (and grow to love) in Scotland!


  1. Ah!! You are torturing me! So mean of you, Chris. :) If it's one thing I miss out here in the midwest, it's Happy Terriyaki. Hannah and I talk about it all the time - there's such a lack of diversity for food here. I do get a gyro at the fair, though, and they are awesome. :) Enjoy your time with your family.

  2. Hey Christy. I enjoyed reading this post. A friend of mine grew up in Seattle and is now back in the area after living in Chicago for over 5 years. She was just telling me that she needs to introduce her Seattle friends to Italian Beef (another thing Chicago is known for). Apparently, you can't get Italian Beef anywhere in Seattle. Crazy! I can't wait to hear about your adventures in Scotland. :-)

  3. Ummm... stay away from the Haggis!


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