Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Growth: Stretching and Training

I am currently reading The Mommy Diaries: Finding yourself in the daily adventure.

This straightforward book is a collection of stories from moms sharing what they have learned on this journey of motherhood. Check out my previous post about Identity.

"Recognize this journey [of motherhood] as one that shapes and defines you, helps you scale new heights, and brings you closer to your amazing potential."

~ Chose to Grow ~

In Mississippi Epiphany, Letitia Suk wrote the time she made a deliberate choice to stretch herself. "What that the kind of mom I want to be?" she asked herself. When the answer was "no" she decided to change. In this story, she chooses to say "yes" to her daughter's request for her to jump out of the boat for a swim.

Every day I am bombarded with requests from my son to play some made-up game, dance some jig, do something totally silly. I tend to take myself too seriously, though, and don't say yes as often as I should (I am especially uncomfortable with physical humor). But now I see each day as an opportunity to grow in this area. Today I can say yes to a silly game or two, even if I feel completely ridiculous.

~ Grow as They Grow ~

Along the same lines, Cathy Penshorn writes in Goodbye Toddler Mom about loosening boundaries and allowing her kids more freedom as they grow older - and to enjoy their more adventurous activities.

Although my kids are still young, I have found myself stuck in the toddler mode, even though my son is older and ready to take bigger risks. I want to encourage my son's curiosity and allow him to explore in ways that I may have determined too dangerous for a smaller child. Of course, I am still watching for his safety, but I need to loosen the boundaries and allow a few bumps and bruises that may result from a beautiful learning experience.

Where have you already experienced growth in motherhood?
Is there an area of your life where you feel pulled to make a change?

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