Saturday, July 4, 2009

Blitz-It Friday - Big Project: Moving #1

For the next four weeks, we are focusing all our energy into sorting, purging, packing and moving. This week was a great start; now we just need to keep the momentum going.

Here is what we accomplished:
  • Blitzed for a total of six hours (in one hour increments).
  • Packed 15 boxes, including books, random kid's stuff and kitchen stuff.
  • Cleared out three large bags of clothing, two boxes of toys, a box of books, and a few miscellaneous items.
  • Completely packed / cleared out the top of the kid's closet.
  • Started sorting the file cabinet - cleared out a HUGE stack of shredding.

GOALS FOR NEXT WEEK (July 4 - 10):
  1. Spend at least one hour blitzing each day (maybe take the weekend off)
  2. Continue sorting the file cabinet
  3. Sort, Pack, Purge - focus on unused kitchen items, and unused clothing
  4. Visa applications and supporting documentation
  5. Finish scanning pictures (left over from the last project)

If you want to follow all the details of our crazy move, this will be the topic of my Blitz-It Friday's for the next several weeks.

Stop by Organized Everyday for more projects that are being blitzed.


  1. Wow, I bet you slept well!! Six one hour blitz sessions?! amazing.

    I didn't realize you were moving. Moves can be stressful. I hope it goes well for you.

  2. Scotland! How exciting! I have been in one house for 10+ years but a move is always great to really clear thngs out!Great job.
    Happy 4th July from an Aussie blogger.


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