Thursday, June 25, 2009

Trip to the Toy Store

Today we took a trip to Toys R Us. We had a gift card that was about to expire, so we went to find a new train for Joshua.

We played with the balls and the stuffed animals. We checked out all the Wiggles stuff. Then we encountered all the bikes and cars.

Joshua enjoyed the cars and vehicles.

But they was Abigail's favorite part of our entire trip.
Every few minutes she would take off toward this aisle yelling, "Car, car!"

Joshua soon forgot the cars when he discovered the Thomas train table, complete with several display trains and Harold the helicopter.

He must have played at this table for over 30 minutes -- Darren played with him while I followed Abigail back and forth to the cars.
Every time we would mention leaving, he would tell us that he was not done working.
What a funny choice in words! I think he was referencing the books we read where Thomas had to work pulling the cars.

At the end of our play time, Joshua picked out a green Percy train engine to come home with us.

On the way home ...

Joshua repeatedly told us how excited Thomas and Gordon (the two trains he already owns) would be to play with Percy.

And Abigail promptly fell asleep.

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  1. o my! My cute, sweet grand children! What a fun story! Thank you for sharing! Mom


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