Friday, June 12, 2009


Joshua loves numbers and letters.

Tonight I was looking for a good way to interact with Joshua while I was making dinner in the kitchen. We started with a "letters" game -- I name an object. He tries to figure out what letter it starts with and finds the letter on the refrigerator.

After filling a cookie pan with letters, he decided it was time to turn to numbers. We only had a five numbers that were in a bag of magnetic letters that I had picked up from a thrift store. But I had a whole pack of numbers hiding at the top of the closet, waiting for the right time ... this seemed like the perfect opportunity. I didn't want to open the entire pack, but I pulled out the numbers 1 through 10.

Joshua was so excited about these new numbers. He quickly started laying out the numbers in order. Then started creating number combinations. First, he put four and zero together to make 40, then 41, 42, 43. He froze as he realized that he only had one four. How could he make 44?

I suggested that he simply pretend there were two fours. He started scanning the fridge for something that could "pretend" to be a "four," but looked at me with disappointment when he found nothing appropriate. Finally I stuck out four fingers and placed them next to his four on the floor. Joshua lit up with a scream of pure joy. He loved this solution and repeated it several times with equally joyous reaction.

Kids are so amazing! Just this simple play brought me such pleasure, and showed me how much my little boy knows. It also stretches both Joshua and I to think outside the box.

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