Saturday, May 30, 2009

Yard Sale Day!

Today was our YARD SALE!

This was the culmination of all our weeks of preparation. Around 7am this morning, we began carrying out the piles of stuff that were ready for the sale. The crowds started around 8:30am and continued strong until about 1pm.

While I was running the sale, my hubby was playing the kids. He came out around 10:30am to catch some pictures. Below are some shots the sale in progress. By this point, we had already sold a significant amount of stuff.

This is an overview of our portion of the yard sale.

This is a closer shot of some miscellaneous tables.
It looks like a mess, but it was fairly well organized.

The weather was wonderful ... not to hot, not to cold, and NO RAIN!

I took everyone's advise and kept prices low to make things to really move. There were a few times that I probably should have charged a little more, but my biggest goal was to get rid of all this stuff.

And the final numbers? We sold about 70% of the stuff and we made $362.50 in our yard sale! Now I am exhausted ...


  1. I was just hoping maybe you had posted an update! Good work! That's really great. You got rid of stuff AND made a nice little bundle too! :) Enjoy your relaxing (?) weekend.

  2. Great job! I'm impressed at how much you were able to get rid of and how much you made!

    I'm glad it was a successful sale for you! ;-)


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