Sunday, May 31, 2009

Toy Shelf - Organizing Round-Up

This month, I was inspired by the Monthly Organizing Round-Up at Organizing Junkie. For the month of May, it was all about a surface or shelf.

I decided to tackle the shelving for all the kid's toys and books. I have tried to organize this area several time in the last year, but have never quite been successful. The biggest problem is that there is TOO MUCH STUFF!

Before trying to organize everything, I really needed to PURGE. I took everything out, sorted it all into keep and clear out piles, then put the keepers back in an organized way. I cleared out one box of books and puzzles, and a garbage-size bag of toys and stuffed animals.

The before and after pictures tell the whole story.

Before the big purge...

After the purge, organization and redistribution ...

Now every item has a home and there is room to spare on the book shelves and in the toy bins. Thanks to Laura at I'm an Organizing Junkie for inspiring me to keep working at getting my home in order.


  1. looks good. . .the toy area is the area I keep putting off as well. . . It was so easy when it was one child but add number 2 to the mix and one move later and now it is just a disorganized mess. . .

  2. It looks so good! My girls would be so envious of this great place to play.

  3. That looks awesome! Don't you just love organizing! Thanks for stopping by my blog and checking out my office.

  4. What a nice little area. Great job!

  5. Just awesome! I'm sure that area feels so much lighter now, what an accomplishment!!


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